Sunday, July 07, 2013

Book Lovers

Let me just say it.  We are book junkies.  There.

We have an extensive library of books in our home that rivals, well, the library.  Not really, but close.

Anyway.............When I am out and about browsing bargain books, most of the time I can't remember what we own.  Sometimes I might even be sitting downstairs not wanting to walk all the way up the stairs to search the shelves.  Often times I call my children from Half Price Books wanting them to check!

Well, if you have an iPhone or iPad, maybe even one of those Android devices, there is a super nifty app called Book Crawler. 

Book Crawler

Some of you may have already found this one, but I discovered it recently and really played with it today.  You can catalog your whole library of books!!!!!!!!!!!  I haven't quite gotten there, but began with a few of book collections we have. 

I just finished cataloging all the American Girl books (oh, my) and all the Vision Saint Books.  There's even a barcode scanner and so far it works perfectly.

There is a "lite"version for free to try it out.  Half way through the American Girl Books I ran out of storage.  I paid $1.99 for the full version I liked it so much.  I usually hate paying for apps.

Anyway, I thought all my fellow book junkies would enjoy this little tidbit of info.

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Sherry said...

You can scan the barcode using your phone? I want this. I've been using LibraryThing where you have to enter the books individually by typing in the ISBN. Tedious.